February 22, 2017

15 Landing Pages That Will Inspire You

Evolution of an Idea

Evolution of an IdeaLanding pages have come a long way especially in the last few years. The real shift has been to design gorgeous introductory landing pages whether it is an iPhone app, a web app or just a service or a physical product, the primary reason of a landing page is to grab attention of the viewer at the first glance.

This world is slowly switching to the tunes of a start-up, and in this world first impression is the last impression. So the very first presentation becomes very crucial. Just while smaller enterprises are emerging as winners, the large brands have to jump into the competition too with the user slowly becoming least brands loyal. No wonder, marketing agencies go haywire to make its way through the first top few companies on the consumer opinion poll and will in the race of providing features, benefits with a grand opening of excitement and curiosity.

So we thought why not showcase a collection of some of our favorite marketing page designs that the world has applauded with the level of its creativity being the star attraction. We hope they will definitely inspire you.

    Forest is a productivity app aiming to help you focus your time and attention in every 30 minute increments. Its landing page is quite skimpy – highly minimalist – but despite that it still manages to pull off a great job of explaining the concept of how it works simply and elegantly.
  2. MOTO 360
    The first Motorola’s entry into smartwatch that they would want to show off and boast about in the most flamboyant way is the Moto 360, a flagship product. As you scroll down and through the landing page, it shows you the watch being put together, assembled all the way to the UI in action. Clever little features include the time on the image of the watch showing the accuracy of time.
    Instapaper, nothing clutteres, and is one of the most successful of the when-you-feel-convenient reading apps, is known for having a simple, minimalist app interface. Its landing page goes on magnificently with an incredibly heavy-on-the-white space approach that has everything you need.
  4. RING
    Ring is a doorbell of security measures amongst all the things on the internet. It’ has a built in video camera that allows you to see your visitors at the door, right on your phone, and can even detect motion on your property and send you an alert. It’s a novel concept and one that takes explaining, but the landing page does a great job of detailing what they do in the most sophisticated manner.
    Gumroad, a service that allows you to sell things online and collect payment through their system. Their landing page ticks a lot of boxes in terms of best practice: there’s an obvious route for where to go next (the big “Get started for free” button), a brilliantly worded call to action, logos of trusted sites that have covered them, and a beautifully illustrated depiction of how the whole system works.
  6. RDIO
    Rdio, yes, this one is the streaming music service, has a majestically crafted landing page. It’s pretty, clean and comes with a lot of white space and large, full-screen images to create a bold design that grab your attention.
    Intercom is a “thank-god you exist” service that allows you to email your customers in a more efficient way. Its landing page takes a reasonably complex idea of this app and breaks it down easily to explain how the product works, and why it might bring benefits to you. It works the old traditional way though.
  8. IPHONE 6
    We all know about Apple, the iconic use of loads of white space is what has created the landing page of iPhone 6, their old trademark way of marketing. The big and bold, easy to read text and high quality images set against a white backdrop. However, you will spot a few remarkable changes such as subtle animations which give the landing page an overall pretty outlook.
  9. SHYP
    Shyp is a new and happening service which is designed to send out packages. This process simply involves taking photo of an object using the app on your phone, scheduling a pickup and then Shyp takes care of the rest. Well, it is not as simple as we tried to explain you here but the landing page on Shyp gives step by step instructions on how one can use their app in the most simple and convenient way. It is quite easy you see!
    Squarespace is an easy way to set up your own websites without wondering how really to code. A really good one for businesses who need to set up a website quickly. There landing page has a huge background image with their product in action. Such landing pages totally work if kept simple and is effectively created. Well, SquareSpace has definitely done a really good job.
  11. DISQUS
    Disqus is a comment functionality which can be used by website owners to ass comments just by embedding their codes. Disqus have always focused on having a creative, clever and thoughtfully designed landing page, but their latest iteration adds another element: real personality. It looks interactive and definitely much better.
    Developing a simple and classy landing page right from scratch isn’t a piece of cake, but the landing page created by Campaign Monitor is an exuberant one or maybe amongst the most beautiful that we have seen. This one has a strong headline, a well drafted introduction that lets you know the benefits of using the software, a very obvious and impossible-to-miss call to action and a section of well-known and respected companies that use the software.
  13. HUMAN
    Human needs Human. This one is an iPhone app that tracks your fitness levels, your calorie intake and more. The landing page to promote the app is a card crafted out of Apple’s own design style, with bold and beautiful typography, plenty of white space and big, bold imagery. It’s a clean, simple design that gets to the point with no this or that, and it looks great in the total process.
  14. CIRCLE
    Circle is a new service that lets you use Bitcoin to pay for things more easily. The landing page has some cool things: such as incorporating the signup form right there and then, rather than on a separate page. It also has some design tricks you will be surprised to see. With a fairly smart parallax effect on the background images while you scroll, it keeps everything in place and makes the large images shrink into distance giving you an unusual sense of virtual movement.
  15. DYSON 360 EYE
    Dyson have unveiled their take on a robotic vacuum cleaner, with the Dyson 360 Eye. The landing page is all about boasting off their unusual product in an ecstatically unusual way. The page first shows the finished product, but as you scroll down they have made use of some interesting animations that reveal each part broken down. That allows you to understand their cleaner in detail. In the end, the result is a descriptive and interesting landing page that showcases the product in an awe-inspiring way.

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