December 17, 2017

An Addiction to World Wide Web

The Internet is apparently a hyped platform, which has dealt with all types of nomenclatures. Egomaniacs and Internet drug addicts have fueled this podium with versatile and with the powerful social media theme. A spontaneous result is featured through the Internet search; indeed it is an omnipotent vicious cycle where a person is buffed to his/her farthest level. The dependence of this origin has revolutionized from the evolution of Social Media Stardoms; Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. are the major crux, influencing every individual.

Marketing activities have been completely changed because of mystifying digital presence. People are casting off the traditional centric methodology to grab an online presence and cultivate their branding. Social Media plays an effective role in forging a brand; as these are the only platforms through which the entire globe is connected. Brands are bridging their personalities online with the help of several porches of Digital Media factors. This addiction has given birth to several kinds of innovation schemes that are enhancing people to connect and work more globally.

Significantly, another sphere of digital marketing is content optimization that is, inculcating information on websites and proffering write ups on social media campaigns. A personal observation – people connect more with simplicity!! An affecting nuance of online presence is small scale businesses; there are reaching to the world web through their catering presence of the Internet, initiating SMO and SEO leads and so on. Usage of several tools and aftermath of using them performs a strong hold on the search engines.

There are ever growing consumers and ever proffering sellers; their meeting point is Google! It is the largest search engine, which indulges in extravagant businesses. Furthermore, one can also say that search engines and social media are a dominant factor in increasing branding that has overpowered the traditional feature of marketing. Additionally, an abundance usage of Social Media can be visualized by below mentioned survey, which highlights:

  • 24% users of Twitter are teens in 2013
  • More than 40 million pictures are uploaded on Instagram each day
  • 700 million active Facebook users
  • 2013 has more than G+ 300 million users
  • Smartphone’s and tablets are ever increasing

The driving factor of social media uses is “Human Nature”; these days it’s a social stigma if one doesn’t have a FB account or a celebrity doesn’t connect through Twitter, and it goes on. We don’t want to miss out anything, this is one of the sole reasons we are clinging to these media platforms. In addition, 27% of consumers over the world check their accounts after getting up in the morning and 51% of mass periodically login to their respective media account throughout the day.

Moreover, branding is only controlled by the end users; inevitably addiction of the Internet has created a rich, phenomenal competition of comprehensive marketing strategies that deals with people, social media, and products.

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