March 3, 2017

Corporate Branding by Gyro Web Services LLP

Corporate branding is an ideal blend of psychology and science which together brings your Company Identity and Loyal Customer closer.

Gyro Web Services LLP has a core expertise in Branding. There are so many reasons why a company needs corporate branding. Somehow small enterprises do not feel the need for corporate branding, which may be due to restricted funds or other internal issues. But over the years companies have realized its importance and have been heavily investing on to the same.

For any business to grow larger, medium, and small or move from business to consumer or business to business one needs to understand the role play of Corporate Branding.

So why is it important then?

The world needs to know who you are. The following reasons are:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Corporate Identity
  • Getting Loyal Customer

What really is Brand Awareness?

Giants in products and services sector who occupy the top position in The Top 100 companies of The Inter brand 2014 Report’ haven’t just reached there by chance; it has taken a lot of hard work of many people. People trying to take over the market by selling their products are many; however, 80% of the businesses are unable to suffice themselves in the highly competitive market. The main reason is less brand awareness amongst the audiences.

Why does brand awareness play such a great role?

Let’s understand this with a simple example. While you’re driving, you must have seen hoardings of the food supplier you have ordered food from in the past on the road and one of them saying “we provide home delivery, free of cost”. Now you may be thinking that with such a small profit margin how are they still able to provide this service and what is their profit margin?

Some businesses understand that their product is a mass product and people would want to know about it more physically than virtually. Such people prefer for hoarding advertisements instead of having a website. How does it affect a person’s buying behavior, just by brand awareness? If I were to see such hoardings, next time whenever I go to the supermarket I would give a glance at the product I saw in that hoarding and preferably buy it too, just to know more about it. The other ways of creating an impact of branding can be the salesman wearing uniforms of the same brand or local commute vehicles having an advertisement.

Aiming for your business to grow in the very initial stages and combining it with corporate branding often brings out the best of results.

  • Gyro Web Services LLP ideates possibilities and solutions that will add more value to your brand.
  • We begin from scratch, understanding your brand and its analysis.
  • Your requirements are the core of your business. Together we formulate a strategy that works wonders for your business.
  • The idea is to work as a team, as success drives when processes make progress.
  • Gyro Web Services LLP is a creative dome providing all solutions right under one roof whether it is related to branding, hosting, marketing, advertising and what not. We are just a call away!

Know what Corporate Identity is.

According to Marketing Metrics, the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% while probability of selling to a new one is only 5-20%. We have to understand that one cannot ignore the importance of corporate branding because it either makes a brand or break a brand. A correct approach always gives your brand a strong identity that people recall their complete life. This may include company logo, jargon, and slogans, the visual elements such as colors, graphics and fonts, content and mascot design. You need to be unique to be able to promote yourselves and not them. All these small elements together make your brand’s image and Gyro Web Services LLP takes special care that none of these factors are compromised or become a hindrance in your path of success.

Corporate Branding is a way of communication about ‘who’ you are to the people you are targeting. It conveys quality assurance, reliability and an experience you want people to have.

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