December 25, 2017

Does Your Baby Need a Facebook Account?

Gaga gagaaa…is the minutest word, which a baby can utter when he/she is 3 months old. But wait, how does that cute little have a Facebook account!

A global survey exclaims that children under the age of 3 years have an eminent presence of the Internet. More than 50% of babies have their complete profile information on various social networking websites and the most common one is Facebook. However, one can emerge by saying that it is an interesting idea or one can say it is completely a dangerous trend.

There was a time when an appropriate age to surface on Internet was 16+ but these days parents cater their babies on the Internet when they are 6 months…This is called a generation trend..

A recent research study highlights that: 92% US babies have Social Media account with proper updates, pictures, and videos. However, the Western Europe is following the queue with 73% significantly.

What are parents posting?

Generally, baby and toddler portraits, 23 % percent mums upload there sonogram baby images, and few parents built a network profile for the new member.

Indeed, a digital world with digital birth; one can acclaim.

Why parents are inviting their child on the Internet space?

  • 70% of mums want to share their child’s hovering and memorable experience with everyone
  • Well, 22% mums do that to add on something new in their profile
  • Lastly, 18% mums do that for fun

Is this right enough? Are parents doing the right job?

It can be comprehended that proud parents want to share their kid’s photo, but don’t you think it becomes inevitable information for the rest of the world.

To click it philosophically, everything has a right time. Thus, we should stick to it. However, there are no hard feelings for the parents who have already started doing this, but few things can surely be avoided for the sake of safety too.

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