December 1, 2017

Evolution of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The canopy of two decades in the Internet arena has given a tremendous rise to Search Engine Optimization (SEO); as discovery of information has changed with the platform of search engines. Outstanding growth and usage of various search engines have given rise to more of a connection, fostered in developing marketing strategies, and so on and forth. The deposition of active seeking of any product through various search engines has leaded impressive consumer behaviors. Moreover, this medium has capitalized the global market and added a liberty to globalization. Discussing or comprehending over the factor of evolution of SEO is actually interesting as it has an eminent impact on each and every entity of this globe.

Various SEO tricks and strategies help a particular website to upgrade its presence online. This term has been justified, which proves the visibility of a website on search engines. The magnanimous platform is Google; the representative of SEO team works on the guidelines offered by Google. The versatile functionality and features of this team overpower all the promotional links. However, there are two types of techniques that are highlighted as the methodology of SEO: techniques recommended by Google and techniques which SEO doesn’t approve. In addition, they are classified as white hat and the second type is black hat.

One can really understand the constant change of searches made every single second. The SEO industry has clutched the Internet field; there are more than 3.5 million people over the world who are searching the term SEO. In addition, more than 9 million people are digging up info on this topic. An interesting demographic reveals the three top most SEO related search on Google are: SEO Services, SEO Company and SEO Tools.

Significantly, India is leading the race among top 10 nations in SEO Internet Ranking, followed by Pakistan, Philippines, United States, Canada, etc. Amusingly, 13 million blog posts are posted with the term/keyword as SEO in the title.

Simultaneously, as we are aware with different genres of activity in upgrading online presence, such as PPC and social media; hereby SEO is again leading the market with 863 million Google results, whereas PPC is 131 million and social media is 385 million.

Knowingly, the evolution and future of SEO is inevitably inalienable; as copious advantages are relevant, just like a baggage, which illuminates an entire website. Designers, marketers, everybody can infuse their websites with success when they are going through versatile SEO techniques.

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