November 14, 2017

Is Facebook The New Democracy?

Of the people, by the people, and for the people is the prime consent of Facebook platform, which fuels more than 1.15 billion active users each and every day. The three modules, which exemplifies a larger democratic awakening is the option for: Like, Comment and most importantly SHARE. Knowingly, digital democracy is just a click away, henceforth, these highlighting essentials foster contemplative thought process to reach out to many people in assorted ways. Moreover, in a recent survey it was found that 30% of Americans get their news on Facebook.

Significantly, it has been observed that Facebook is a valiant tool in establishing of any democratic movement, like about Syria case. A person sharing a post on a FB wall is liberated of his/her views, which transcends a mass movement. With its impressive features and immaculate presence, it unites people of the world together into one direction. Most likely, the discussion of major events has been formulated on this platform; be it Edward Snowden issue or women safety propaganda.

However, the possible advent of discussion is how come a digital media platform can make such an impact to the globe! Foregoing, a counter question to this point is ‘what does Facebook means for its users?’

The disclosure of this point is that, social media is a public sphere just because of its ease of accessibility and due to its mobile functionality. Nevertheless, this authentic medium consequently facilitates socialist development in every country. Emancipating every individual of its point is itself called democracy. This powerful mechanism solidifies many ad campaigns, didactic materials, upbringing latest updates every month, and so on.

Encouraging seeking users is a great deal and Facebook is willingly sorting the way ahead, but the sublime is, Facebook is not a nation, thus a mass appeal is at times indifferent. It is believed that the digital age heralds the Renaissance of public views, whereas, a particular section of human race defines Facebook as a cult, which has eventually lead to the prohibition of this website in few countries.

More or less, a pro and con is a simultaneous venture for any platform and it goes parallel. Deciding and using this genre of medium is comprehendingly mobilized, which has seized the responsibility of sharing one’s view. That point lies on its trustworthy usage by following norms and ethics.

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