November 22, 2017

Life Without Social Networking!

So, is it possible for us to go back to the world of traditional communication therapy? Which seems like writing a letter on paper instead of sending an email? Or just call our best friends rather than winning the battle of “how many followers or FB friends I have” or just even writing a postcard rather than tweeting 140 characters? Well, the answer to all these scenarios is NO!! Commendably this generation has accepted the new freedom of communication, wherein lies the vulnerability of privacy and fake realization of authentication. Although, evolution of social networking has beautifully helped us in a larger scale, but pros and cons are the parcel of everything.

A self introspection is very essential when we are following social networking sites because we tend to give a hell lot of our time on chatting or knowing new people. Facebooking, Tweeting, etc. are like daily chores of our timetable, thus it is inevitable to trap ourselves in some kind of enviousness or bullying. The consequence of Facebook and Twitter expansion is really helping our grannies and grandparents to re-connect with their pals. Henceforth, for them it is great juncture, whereas for young youth the comment is indifferent as there are everyday cases of suicides due to FB bullying. The understanding of commercial privacy is actually encouraged on these websites, as people claim to protect their privacy and yet update every status and pictures to leak it eminently.

However, the introduction of social networking was apparently to celebrate our alliance globally and liberate our views. The advantage of connecting faster and in the simplest way is the creditable aspect. Magnanimously one can say that this social networking generation, where an elderly person, a young youth, or student toddler has FB accounts and Twitter followers. In addition, Pinterest, Instagram, VK, etc. is also blooming copiously.

Social networking websites are everyday coming with new features, which comprises innovative techniques and better ways to connect. But contradicting the point that it is good or bad cannot be decided or rather unpredictable. Every individual has decided his/her point of view or choice of platform, whether to bully others or get bullied, is in the fate of the user.

But, it has to be considered that social media is the fastest communication arena in this flourishing genesis and one has to get along with time.

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