November 17, 2017

Plethora Usage of Social Media (Justified)

Social Media has drastically changed our way of communication and further has provided us with the larger life of connecting with people globally. Communication has been redefined with this term enormously, nevertheless a new paradigm is set, which changes the concept as well as ways of getting connected. It is the 21st century and we are elevating ourselves to move every inch forward. The good point is, the generation is accepting every change and adapting it to its fullest. Excess is the right word to justify this social media revolution and how far is has gone to achieve success. One can proudly say, our media networks have become a prime necessity. This evolution can be seen as a daily chore of a person’s routine.

Be it educational, business, or just social, everything is reachable. The quintessential factors leading this path are: Facebook, twitter, G+, Pinterest, Instagram, and so on. Copious users work on these websites by creating the most presentable profile, which generates heaps of followers. Moreover, people are judged by their social media portfolio. In all these factors, Facebook is winning the way; as it proffers a platform to re-connect with our old friends reviving ever increasing nostalgia.

Twitter is direly followed by most of the politicians and celebrities, whereas Pinterest is still enlightening the social global mass in pinning numerous pictures. Well, it must be noted that Pinterest is the best website for foodies as it portrays mouth water food photography. Coming to the magnanimous creation of Twitter, an omnipotent podium that invites 140 characters to articulately share our determined voice.

Nevertheless, many ad-campaigns and events are created on this precocious blooming network.

But, the connotation is the excess usage demolishing the will power of many youths. Highlighting the other side of coin one can say Internet Bullying is the mega discussion of networks these days. Inevitably the con side of this platform has taken place, which is catering major negative impact. The dilemma of getting bullied or bullying is not at all comprehending, which rather jeopardizes the situation more.

Many people are facing the trauma of isolation just because all of them are hanging to media websites and there is a lack of communication. Although, this technology is inalienably creative but there comes the obnoxious way that lingers in the environment. There is no substitute but again we need space too!! The excess is clearly observant but we need to change our priorities and decide the best for us. Excess of social media is not the problem, disguised use of this advantage.

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