February 8, 2017

The 2015 of Advertising

Business Plan Tree

business plan treeAdvertising is the core way of promoting a brand through the highs and lows of the masses. Over the years it has become cleaner, refined and innovative with world advertising revolution. With technological advancement in the filming techniques, a creative person can analyse various opportunities of creating something new.

The advertising industry today is a lot more than just catchy jingles and painted visuals. This year, there may be bigger achievements in the world of advertisements. Let us see how advertisements will have a new look this time.

An interactive video makes it easier.

2014 had some of the brilliant advertisements ever and that trend has just begun to apply. For example the Budweiser dog ad, could you see it? There was a story which helped all of us relate to it and everyone who watched it, I am sure must have smiled. Another great example was the advertisement of the new Honda Civic and Civic R-Type. That video let you switch between two stories by pressing the Key R on your devices. Isn’t that cool? Yes, this keeps the viewer’s interest alive and as long as you can do it, you’re the master.

Revolutionize the use of social media.

The social platforms are dynamic. It is a bizarre to see that people use platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram extensively. So if you are into advertisements, why not use Instagram or Vine as a part of your project? One has to understand that brands need to develop strategies that can be adapted by any social platform, whether you want more likes on Facebook or more followers on Twitter. This year, audiences with connect deeply on these networks and your content should engage your target customer before they shift to something else. Brands can also use social media as a tool to measure their success rates.

The Offline integration.

Your customers may engage in understanding your brand online, but what do you know about their offline routines? Well a couple companies like Nike, Reebok and Heineken have already begun the trend of offline customer engagement while many other brands are in line to join the race. It has helped the brands create more one on one interaction with the customers. For example, Nike and Heineken have launched their own pop-up events in order to activate their brand. Nike initiated with a football inspired pop-up skate park inside the Nike House while Heineken had their own pop-up lounge to celebrate at the London Design Festival.

The idea of offline integration is to develop an intimate relationship between the brand and the customer. This helps in creating a long lasting memory of the brand in the customer’s minds and may also make your brand immortal. Going physical along with visual appearance helps your brand establish for a long period of time.

Statistics or just raw data, it is important.

No matter what you do, having correct and ample important data is necessary to promote any brand on a large scale. To initiate the activation of a brand there are a few important things to be kept in mind, the goal of the brand, the important issues that need to be addressed and the essential acumen. All these three factors help meet a brand its objectives.

Content that brings them closer.

Content cannot be dull, long and unnecessary. It has to be crisp, concise and personalized. You may have a brand to promote but people are delighted by something that has an emotional connection, a brand that they can connect to. The idea is not to tell people about the values about your company, but guide them to relate to your values as theirs. 2015 will be a year of real-time marketing that people will appreciate and connect to.

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