March 26, 2017

Top Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate The Future

Perspective and apt words can escalate your business to a limit, which fetches you good rewards and penny to your pocket!!

The cascading thoughts can be seemingly penned down to throw some light on certain concept; it can be anything, any item, piece of art, product, books, and In this empowering world the protagonist is ‘your word’; thereon, this write up talks about the power of content and how it is alarming the digital world with the notion of success. Moreover, it also highlights the top content marketing trends that will fervently dominate the vivacious future of entrepreneurship.

As we all are aware with indigenous narratives of digital marketing and how it is encapsulating each and every genre of business in its phenomena; one can absolutely foresee its future. Therefore, a competitive domain is encouraged due to which continuous transaction of information is necessary. Organizations and firms are striving their best luck through writing and submitting numerous contents on various websites.

Content marketing fuels the platform of SEO, SMO, and of complete Internet marketing. Inevitably, it becomes conjuring for everyone to go with the flow of the market and of its demand. It’s been predicted that 71 percent of content budget will increase this year. Wherein, 53 percent of them are B2B marketers, B2C are 12 percent and 28 percent are on both the sides (B2B and B2C).

So what are the future trends that must be reviewed time and now!!

Marketing Team Makeup: With everyday changes in the market, one of the key roles is that marketing team must also add on their strategies for content leads. The role of content strategist becomes very diligent here, as having great communication skills, must possess user-friendly writing skills, an analytical mind, grasping current needs and trends, etc. It has been predicted that in 2014 businesses will be investing more money on content strategist.

Creative Responsive Application for Users: Multiple channels are the apt pipeline, which will let everything surpass innovative tactics. It has been predicted that by 2017, 87 percent of Internet device sales will be catered through Smartphone’s. Inevitably, now is THE TIME when you really need to buck up your content, its designing, and obviously the presentation!! A shareable and engaging context is always eye catching.

Moreover, this point elaborates that your content must be tech-friendly, which means it must available for all types of platforms (be it any app). Generating a responsive design should always be in your content planning strategies.

Customize and Curate Content Streams: Writing creative and customized content for various social media platforms has generously increased and apparently, it has been observed that it will go way higher in gripping the market. LinkedIn’s showcase page and Twitters Custom Timeline are few examples that fosters in organizing target contents for the audience.

SEO-friendly Content: With upstream evolution of search engine optimization, it is necessary crucial for marketers to keep up the spirit of competition. Writing SEO targeting and friendly write-ups manifests a lot of attention for the developers and organizations, hence forth; this trend is seriously getting high this year!!

Gamification: Compete and Win!!
Engage your customers by posting interactive content on various SMO websites. Leverage your clients and customers in competing with knowledge.

Online Advertisements: 2014 will see a mark increase in social media advertising. Thereon, try to evolve various innovative and powerful streams of content advertisements. A high target advertising opportunity will bring forth advantage to your business. Business can also use conversion pixels, a/b testing, and tracking codes to gain conversion success reports.

2013 had its own innovations and 2014 is the trending platform, where these innovations can be transformed into a success platter. If you follow above mentioned targets and strategies, this will help in fostering a strong and expert juncture, which will cater 100 percent growth in business.

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