November 16, 2017

Using Twitter is a Waste of Time

Social media network is like an epitome of any communication platform. It has reached to a pinnacle where people are engaged or rather addict to it. In recent disclosure it was seen that 65% of Americans feed on news through Social Media Networks, where Facebook is leading the score card with 30%, followed by Twitter as 8%, and so on. However, the phenomenal array of Twitter accounts is on celebrities and politicians. These two leading users are the major factor for Twitter itself. It is the simplest and liberated platform where everyone can share their eloquence and for celebrities the street is burgeoning.

Coming to the notion, whether it makes us smarter or just plunges our time to waste is yet to be decided. Nevertheless, this impressive podium provides the liberty to write faster, better, and concise. Furthermore, an observant behavior is bumped into the user, which makes them more alert and apparently a tracker!! Celeb’s tweeting 140 characters make a voluptuous impact on the followers and the process of tweeting and re-tweeting begins.

200 million monthly active users around the world galloping every nuance of communication are scooping the way ahead. Significantly, portable, accessible, knowledgeable, and pre-filtered information is gained through this network. The short and precise words shared on this wall helps numerous mortals over the globe.

This platform has also been used in education and learning module in many colleges; just like backchannel to foster student communication. Thereon, a recent survey discloses that college students using Twitter for educational purposes have attained half-point more GPAs than non tweeting students, Just Imagine!! In addition, this juncture is very famous in spreading mass movements, which has drawn a major impact on the global decisions. To be on the mystifying side, one can also say that Twitter has also been benefiting as a ‘strategic weapon’ that has caused entrenched twitter revolution.

Well, there are many more instances where Twitter has flabbergasted the world wide mass with its functionality. It is implicit that tweeting is not at all a WASTE rather it builds inalienable personality among the representatives/ users. However, the prime sequel is which person you are following!!

Inevitably, Twitter is an eminent social media network that has popularly grown to an extent, which can hold the authority of any decision making. Following the right person influences the follower in a smarter way!! Consequently, Twitter creates a conversation, not a broadcast.

Social media has set a benchmark in communication evolution, which is exactly utopian BUT unavoidable. Fostering every type of people from the grass root level is the prime achievement of this essential network.

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