December 31, 2017

Where Does This Web Traffic Come From?

Website traffic is all about overpowering our presence over the Internet, henceforth, everybody tries in conquering that place of stature, which is authentic as well as powerful. But, have you ever imagined or thought that from where the traffic is generated? How it links up the website and pulls it to rank #1. However, we all know how to deliver the result but the situation is a bit different here. The Internet is thrumming with knowledge, data, arguments, bots, and everything; it is also known to be a mysterious juncture.

In a recent survey and discussion, a disclosure has been made “Bots are the major drivers of Website Traffic”.

You must be wondering, what is this alien BOT? Well, Bot is an application that is designed to perform various automated tasks. At times, these are valuable when search engine crawling procedures are done and with indexing websites. However, Bots are also malicious just like hackers. Bots interact with the Web in favor of the human owner. Over 62 percent of web visits are made by this Internet application. The consequence of this deprivation is vast and incurable because it posts spam comments, at times steals data, virus links, malware, and so on.

The survey was conducted to identify the root cause of increasing website traffic and however now it reveals that 1.45 billion bots have visits in traffic from more than 250 countries. Well it is inevitably a large number; more than 20,000 websites were previewed to have a brief closure on this account.

An overview of Bot report is provided for the readers to encourage awareness and to guard/recognize their websites from any of these malwares: In 2012 there were 49% human traffic and 51% Bots traffic, whereas in 2013 the human trafficking is 38.5% and Bots trafficking is 62%.

11 percentage of increment!! Aghast you may be. There are several obnoxious factors included, such as:

  • Scrapers, which affects major all types of websites but more commonly hinders classifieds, travel agency sites, news sites, forums, and E-commerce.
  • Hacking tools, which affects CMS based organizations
  • Spammers and impersonators comprises the potential to target any website without any concern

Significantly, the sprawling Internet platform now can be used properly with utmost clarity and preserve by casting off the errors out.

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